About us

ArtVersion is an independent full-service creative agency comprised of small teams focusing on agile and open collaboration with our clients. Led by a group of relentless doers with experience in big agencies, design houses and corporations - we are proud to be the trusted creative advisors for each brand we engage with.

Designed with Purpose

ArtVersion for Fashion was formed to provide specialized creative services fulfilling focused demand in the luxury lifestyle, fashion, beauty and premium brand markets. A comprehensive offering of agency capabilities can be found on ArtVersion’s corporate website.


ArtVersion’s strategically driven team is committed to gaining a holistic understanding of each brand and their audience to deliver impactful and authentic work. Key areas of expertise include an industry-leading approach to collaboration and engagement.

Goran Paunovic

Principal, Creative Director

Lynn Doherty

Director, Brand Strategy

Petra Tomekova

Art Director

Erin Lentz

Director of Design
Color Switcher